For most people, the biggest threat to their financial security is taxes!

The American Tax Planning Institute ("ATPI") is a group of professionals dedicated to helping clients win the taxation battle through collaboration, customer education and advisor training.
Taxes are the largest expense that most people will have over their lifetime.  Whether it's taxes on current income, investment assets, social security or future retirement distributions, taxation is one subject that is on nearly everyone's mind.
The American Tax Planning Institute was formed to provide strategic partnerships and resources to our members in ways that will help individuals, tax attorneys and CPAs understand how the combining of strategies create methods of reducing tax. And, by doing this, you can develop exponential growth in "right fit" client opportunities.
"Learn How Life Members of Top of the Table, Simon Singer and Rao Garuda, created The American Tax Planning Institute to help other producers develop a process to open the doors to wealthy clients.

A Snap Shot of The Client Education Resources Available To ATPI Members

(All paid for by ATPI for our Gold and Platinum Members)

Doctor Alliance

Working with a 30 year surgeon that switched careers to help other physicians improve their profitabilty and long term net worth, ATPI members will learn the best ways to approach the physician market including access to 200 videos dedicated to physician financial planning and wealth enhancement strategies.

Digital Marketing Funnels

By messaging customers about different types of tax problems, ATPI members can then direct individuals to a number of different video tutorials that educate clients about what can be done to solve their specific tax problem.  In this way, the client "self-selects" to a certain area of interest, and once done, are then much more open to "in-person" conversations about solutions.


Philanthropic Planning

A comprehensive 30 video training series on helping clients with virtually any type of charitable strategy (including charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, pooled income funds and private foundations).

Business Killers

Over 100 video series on retirement planning, business succession, buy-sell agreements, estate planning and asset protection to aid advisors in generating interest in a more professional way.

"When it comes to optimizing business development opportunities through producer collaboration, nothing else comes close to this in our industry!" - Simon Singer
You Keep All Commissions With The IMO Of Your Choice.  As a member of The American Tax Planning Institute, you pay monthly fees to be part of our organization.  We do not charge overrides, or take any part of your commissions.
Our Gold and Platinum ATPI Members receive InsMark's
Platinum Power Producer Suite of Software as part of their membership.

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