It’s Finally Here!

A New Premium Financing Program that does not require a Split of Your Commission**

  1. Full Case Support (Design, Presentation and Ongoing Services including proactive management of the loan interest rate with the client)
  2. Potential for Tax Advantaged Interest Payments
    (Requires a specific structure)
  3. 100% Advance Rate (CSV Credit!)
  4. No Personal Guarantee required
  5. 1 Year LIBOR with your choice of Spreads, Lengths, Terms, etc.
  6. Interest Rollups Available
  7. Structured Interest Payment Options available
  8. LOC and/or Cash accepted for Collateral
  1. 10 Year Loan Tenor (with 5 Year Option)
  2. Multi-Year Rate Lock Guarantee Options available upon request
  3. No Maximum Loan Amount
  4. $100K Minimum Annual Loan Amount
  5. One-Time Material Change with No Breakage Penalty
    1. Interest Payment to 100% Interest Accrual
    2. Adjustable Interest Rate to Fixed Interest Rates with Rate Lock
  6. No re-underwriting of the loan after policy issue (Some programs re-underwrite annually)
  7. 16 Years' experience in the premium financing market

**  Note:  The zero split platform is not available with cases submitted to Allianz.  With these cases, a 10% split of the case is required.


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